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Hash varies widely by type, but the most popular is dry sift, obtained by drying the flowers and separating the trichomes. Hand rubbed hashish is another popular type from various parts, including Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. It results from hand rubbing the fresh plant whereby the resin sticks to the hands. It is then rolled into balls without delay to cure before hitting the market. 

When using marijuana in the form of hash, you want to ensure that you are using good quality. As you know, many cases of a poor-quality hash containing filler substances, such as henna, sand, and even animal dung, are there. There are different ways to determine the quality of your hash. But most importantly, you need to source your hash from a trustworthy recreational dispensary in Burien.


High-quality dry sift hash should fall within a light yellow to reddish-brown appearance. If it is slightly pressed, the color should be pretty consistent. If heavily compressed, it should be darker and shiny on the outside and lighter on the inside.

Hand rubbed hash should have a dark brown color. If it appears too greenish, it means that huge amounts of plant residue remained on the hash. 


When it comes to consistency, dry sift hash should not be too dry. A very dirty hash is a sign that it has overstayed or has huge amounts of substance fillers. The right consistency of slightly pressed dry sift hash usually is crumbly, soft, slightly oily, or sticky when you touch. A heavily compressed dry sift hash will be stickier and oilier. It might be overly hard, but it softens up enough for use if you apply light warmth.

On the other hand, the hand-rubbed hash may vary in consistency. Ideally, good-quality hand-rubbed hash from a dispensary in Burien should have a dense and uniform texture. If it is too sticky, that could indicate the presence of added oils. In some cases, a clean hand-rubbed hash can be extremely sticky and turn almost into a liquid when you warm it. In such a case, you need to assess the aroma and flavor, which can help you determine if the hash is clean or has contaminants.

Also, check hand-rubbed hash inside for molds since the moisture from a fresh plant can be trapped inside the resins if not well processed.


Although recreational marijuana has swept many parts of Burien Washington, not all the hash you buy tastes the same. The taste of dry sift hash is more earthy than hand-rubbed one, which is usually floral and spicier. But the taste largely depends on the parent plant. Ideally, if there are no additives or chemical flavors detected, then the hash is clean.

Bubble test

You can do a bubble test to check if the quality of your hash is good. Pick a small piece of the hash and focus it on a clean flame from a Hemp wick or a butane lighter rather than a match. Good quality hash such as in this video will bubble under the flame and produce a cloud of purely white smoke. If the smoke comes off as black, there are contaminants in the hash.

The final words

Evaluate the color, taste, consistency, and bubble factor to determine the quality of your hash.

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