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Organic Body Wash Buying Guide

With organic body washes you can effectively get rid of potential chemical irritants that can be harmful for your skin. However, here are a few important things to look for while buying an organic cosmetics product:

  • It should consist of all natural ingredients, that not only provide good cleansing, but also lather and pleasant scent. Avoid paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate, lye, foaming ingredients in the body wash.
  • Make sure that the body wash is mild and safe for everyday use. The scent should be natural, but not overpowering. This can help in improving mood and give a sense of freshness.
  • It is important that the product helps in preserving natural healthy oils of the body and also provide essential oils for better nourishment of the skin. Regulation of body oils, relieving itchy, dry skin can be added benefits.
  • An ideal body wash provides good moisturization and makes skin soft in touch. Naturally occurring glycerin is helpful in nourishing the skin, without making it dry.
  • Body washes that contain prebiotics help in maintaining natural microbiome of the skin. This is useful in natural pH of the skin and to keep bad body odor at bay.
  • If you are allergic to scent, you can choose fragrance- free body wash for a sensitive skin-type.

Let’s look at some of the prime ingredients used in preparation of organic bodywash:

Many body washes in the market that claim to be organic, might not be fully organic in nature. Chemicals in the form of preservatives, fragrances, surfactants maybe be present in such products. Here are some of the main ingredients that you should check for while buying organic body washes:

Ethylhexylglycerine: This plant-based glyercin is used as a skin-conditioning agent, surfactant, anti-microbial, and preservative in body wash preparations.

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Vitamin E: It improves overall skin health and acts as a natural barrier against sunlight. It also helps in hydrating and healing the skin.

Essential oils: These help in re-vitalising the natural healthy oils in the skin and also help in tissue regeneration and have anti-inflammatory action.

Hydrating agents: These can consist of shea butter, bees wax, or even aloe vera. These not only lock-in moisture of the skin, but also make the skin soft and soothing.

Natural fragrances: Mostly essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, rose, or peppermint are used in making the body wash aromatic.

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