Because of stricter travel restrictions, economic stress and mental fatigue are evident among airline companies and travel people. The weight of these stringent health measures has travelers undergo obligatory PCR tests to present COVID fit-to-fly certificate after a few days of quarantine for safety purposes before the actual flight. The same is valid with airline personnel like pilots and flight attendants who need to make sure that they are healthy by passing the fit-to-fly COVID tests.

Besides health concerns, travelers also worry about visa expiration due to flight cancellations and circumstances related to the pandemic. Governments, however, proposed to extend visas and lift penalties for country visitors and overstayers.

Extending a Visa During COVID19 Pandemic

In the United Kingdom, foreign nationals who came as visitors can apply for a visa extension after their third month of stay. A foreign national can stay for a total of 6 months upon arrival.

On the other hand, those who failed to return to home countries due to travel restrictions or quarantines were advised to update their records with the Coronavirus Immigration Team. Travelers are encouraged to apply for permission to stay to process travel documents before the visa expiration.

Handling Visa Overstay in the UK

During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, overstayers are advised to visit and follow the guidelines on GOV.UK. An overstayer is given 30 days upon visa expiration to process documents and must present evidence that the delay in leaving the country is related to the coronavirus situation.

Luckily, returnees coming from EU and Schengen areas unable to travel due to restrictions were given with free visa extension following the EU Visa Code about visa extension under Chapter V, Article 33.

To know more about Visa Extension During Covid 19 Outbreak, take a look at thisinfographic.

Visa Extension during COVID-19 Outbreak UK Harleymedic Infographic