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The topic “What are the best marijuana seeds” has frequently baffled breeders. Well, one method to find out is to test out all the available marijuana seeds and determine which ones are the best. However, do you have the resources, including time? Lucky for you, we accomplished the labor-intensive work. The Top 20 Marijuana Seeds for both novice and experienced growers are listed below.

Bruce Banner Auto-Seeds

Bruce Banner is an instant classic and despite being an auto-flowering cultivar, has a high THC content. One of the most sought-after strains in the USA, it has earned multiple accolades for its powerful, cerebral high.

Godfather OG Seeds 

A boss of indica cannabis, The Godfather OG is exactly what it sounds like. Over the years, this potent THC strain has garnered a plethora of accolades and has emerged as the USA’s preferred high-potency choice.

Blue Dream Auto Seeds

Are you new to growing? Then you should consider Blue Dream auto flowers. This resilient, Sativa-dominant strain is a traditional Californian variety. It is among the Top 20 Marijuana Seeds with a stunning plant just by appearance, with deep purple and indigo hues and sparkling buds. 

Purple Kush Seeds

This simple-to-grow strain, which was developed in California, is the best indoor choice throughout the USA. She is the queen of compact relaxing strains and a lovely multicolored plant with delectable flavors.

Sour Diesel Seeds 

The powerful Sativa variety from the 1990s known as Sour Diesel has remained a favourite among American producers. Every time you use these feminized seeds, you’ll obtain lush buds.

Grape Ape Seeds 

Popular Indica-dominant hybrid Grape Ape produces gorgeous purple leaves. With its remarkable yields, which are highly adapted to outdoor cultivation, you’ll have a great time.

Acapulco Gold Seeds 

A classic Mexican strain with shamanic roots is called Acapulco Gold. Acapulco Gold is in the Top 20 Marijuana Seeds and it has gotten more popular yet remains special and unusual as American enthusiasts get increasingly fascinated with these genuinely unique Sativa strains.

Harlequin Seeds 

Harlequin has long held the title of an undisputed champion among CBD strains, making it the perfect choice for individuals seeking sedation and mental clarity. It has long been a favorite on the Pacific West Coast, where it has benefited many who utilize it for therapeutic purposes.

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds 

Known for its powerful end-of-day high, Girl Scout Cookies are one of the most well-liked Indica strains in the United States. It has received countless accolades and is still held in legendary reverence as a California classic.

Gelato Auto Seeds 

The iconic and incredibly well-balanced hybrid known as gelato is prized for its sweet ice cream undertones. It is amongst the Top 20 Marijuana Seeds and renowned for its enormous indigo buds that are covered with crystal resin.

The 10 are the best among the rest in the marijuana world. The other 10 renowned marijuana seeds include OG Kush seeds, Sunset Sherbet seeds, Granddaddy Purple seeds, Gorilla Glue #4 seeds, Green Crack seeds, Berner’s Cookies seeds, Skywalker OG seeds, Chemdawg seeds, Bubba Kush seeds, Jack Herer seeds.